12 Lead Magnets You Can Use To Build Out The Top Of Your Sales Funnel

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When it comes to digital marketing and inbound-lead generation, a common practice is to attract contacts with lead magnets. A lead magnet is any item that a prospective customer would be willing to trade information for. An example – any time you have given a company/website your email address and name in exchange for a report, a download, a webinar registration . . . all of those were lead magnets a company or organization used to trade for your contact info.

By providing high-quality lead magnets to your potential customers, you can encourage them to share their basic details with you. The principle is simple: the more valuable your lead magnets are, the more information you can ask for. A key rule for creating effective lead magnets is to ensure they hold enough value that a customer would be willing to pay for them if required.

Now that we’ve discussed the fundamental aspects of what lead magnets are, it’s clear why they should be an integral part of your digital strategy if you’re aiming to generate more leads. Let’s delve into 12 unique lead magnets that you can incorporate into your digital strategy to enhance the top of your sales funnel…

Free Ebook

An eBook is much easier to put together than you’d think. Grab 3-5 articles or blogs you’ve written on a topic, put them together in one PDF, add some branding, and create a cover page.


Who doesn’t love a good checklist? Think of a checklist that would benefit your target market and write it for them.

Webinar (Live or Pre-recorded)

A webinar is a great way to attract your target market. It’s great because you can offer both live and pre-recorded sessions. You can engage directly with your audience and you can bring in vendor partners/guest speakers.


Visual content is often more engaging, infographics are great ways to share statistics, concise messaging and visual content all at the same time.

Video Library (Really any library)

If you have a volume of specialized content, put it behind a password and ask visitors to share some contact info before they are granted access.

Online Quiz

If you’ve got a 5-10 question quiz that would provide valuable insights to your potential client, that would make a great lead magnet.

Community Access

You can create a private group on a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn. Require a contact to register with certain contact information before they are given access.


This one is fun because you can deliver it immediately via automation OR you can leverage a scorecard into a discovery meeting if the data is valuable enough.


You can turn most any topic into a one-page PDF or marketing slick. This is great for How-To articles.

Email Series or Course

This is a fantastic strategy if you use an automation program like Keap. Build an email campaign once and you can automate delivery all the way to conversion.

Resource Lists

If you know the tools someone would need to perform a task, or you already know the right resources someone needs, you can offer a list of them to your target market and you’ll get more conversions than you’d probably think.


Whether you are going to send updates on blogs or send out a monthly newsletter, if people want access to your newest updates and information, they will give you their contact info.

Incorporating a mix of these lead magnets can significantly contribute to the development of your top-of-funnel inbound marketing. Regardless of where you are in your lead generation journey, Command Center possesses the expertise, experience, and capability to deliver. Our team is equipped to assist with digital strategy, content creation, workflow automation, and other digital services. We’re eager to explore your ideal client journey and discuss how our team can help bring it to life.

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